What is the scent of Solana?

What is the scent of Solana
3 min readAug 26, 2022

Wonder how Solana smells? This project will fly you to the scent universe of Solana blockchain. Our goal is to mix in the millions of NFT and provide a special Scent in your wallet. Scent of Solana is unique and a must have NFT for everyone, especially for those who already have an NFT collection in their wallet.

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Scent of Solana NFT structure always starts with an empty bottle. In every bottle there must be a base element, SPRING water.

Each bottle will have its own attribute, for example — cold, dusty and other. In the bottle, there is a unique blended carefully selected Scents. Also, each bottle has its own scent volume.

The greater volume the rarer. Total 5000 NFT will be available to mint. All ERA1 NFT is marked with GENESIS attribute.

Three types of NFT will be available.

ERA1 Scent bottle (Genesis), LaNd and ERA2 Empty bottle. These NFT will create and opportunity to gather SPRING water token from the LaNd, collect it and then sell it to the SPRING pool.

ERA1 Scent NFT


LaNd NFT will be airdroped to every genesis NFT holder. LaNd wil have one attribute, endless running spring water. Everyday, LaNd will generate water, aka SPRING tokens. Depending on which size of ERA2 NFT empty bottle you have, you can fill it and then release it, sell to the pool, store and hold. Full features will be released in ERA2 phase, in “Earning economy”.


Map of LaNd owners

In ERA3 phase, LaNd map will get alive. Total of 5000 LaNd NFT will be designated. Every LaNd owner will be assigned coordinates on the map. Lots of new options for LaNd owners will be unlocked.

LaNd Map

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September — 2022

  • NFT sale in Magic Eden (genesis).
  • Airdrop of LaNd NFT and main map reveal
  • Airdrop of ERA2 NFT empty bottle
  • Introduce SPRING token and detailed tokenomics
  • Claim SPRING tokens


October — 2022

  • Game token listing in Dex’es (reavealed earlier)
  • Full details of Economy and earn introduction.
  • Introduction of Scentmeta application


November — 2022

  • Scent recipes to mint and to mix new fragrances.
  • Scent app on android ios application.
  • Decentralized Wallet in app on Solana Blockchain.
  • Full Earn/Sell/Buy/Burn/Discover/ possibilities.
Era 1

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Earn economy

Scent economy is based on NFT ERA1 (genesis) holdings. Each holder will be airdropped with LaNd and ERA2 empty bottle. LaNd is an NFT which will have one attribute - endless cold water spring. With an NFT LaNd there will be passibility to puor SPRING token to the ERA2 empty bottle. Filled bottle could be sold

Scent economy will include recipes and bottles as NFT,. User will have flexible way to create/burn/sell/buy any of NFT or token. Creativity is the key to make a perfect scent.

Governance token SPRING is for acquiring frangrance notes or refill bottle, later in ERA3

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FAN of

open source/unix console with no gui /ascii art / h3

Project based on open source code | Development on Solana blockchain.